L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator Funk Cool Barber Geek Gadget 

This new beauty will listen to the sound of your hair as the bristles goes between the fibers and basically will know the level of damage on all types of hair.  Its amazing and about time to know the status of hair fibers!  Thanks to CLARK, N.J. — Guive Balooch has seen the future of beauty — and it’s a smartphone. This will be good for Brazilian Keratin treated hair for sure...

High tech brush that listen to your hair

High tech brush that listen to your hair



Hair-comb hard drive,

Another exemple of beauty and technology.  I’ve got this barber comb/hard drive just about 10 years back... looks cool and collectible I would guess...   love it! 

Hair comb tech that save computer files 

Top view hair comb hard drive


Haircomb hard drive 

close up barber comb hard drive

Hair comb hard drive

.... looking the world this way is very futuristic!   Ok so you connect this to your computer and those little metal bars will safeguard your work ( files / your data ). How amazing is that?  Well much more is possible we need to disclose all technology for advancement of the people.  Good luck brothers and sisters.