The Post Trump Hair-Do 

During the notoriously slow month of November, her salon received a startling number of bookings, with at least three women a day sitting in her chair and asking for a drastic change...


                                                         Hair do or Dye 

            Women went crazy after the 2016 election and many NYC clients are terrified with results.  In my opinion, people are fed up with the politicians and situation with the secrets and corruption of the country.  As a hair stylist I listen to the clients while I do the heir hair ...  one perticular client told me that,  the people don't really care much about if one is "Democrat or Republican" but they care because they are  waking up for what's is really going on.  This girl said:  We are are fed up with the way big money and the illuminati run this country and slave us!  ....

whoa I was intrigued,  who is this illuminati I asked;  she didn't give me an answer,  but instead told me:   Look at the Clintons with their foundation for Haiti scandal & corruption and the so call emails;  and at the other side you have a rich big talker white man mr. Trump that never cared about anyone or anything other then make more money for him self.  These candidates dint talk about any the important issues like keep the internet free health care and specially free schools & college,  thats what people want,  but these candidates only spread hate,  talking about then selfs and how the rich can do whatever they want.    One of my clients was furious saying: Our Votes does not count and why the Electoral College is the absolute worst \   What do I know?  

Hairstylist the hero.