Dyson did it

 I love to blow dry the hair with the new Dyson blow dry once you get used to how light and powerful it feels you will never want to use a different blowdry again ...  

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 Supersonic Blowdry


of my dreams has been four years in the making, quote,  at a cost of a cool ¬£50 million. In excess of 600 prototypes were created on the way to the finished article, tested on more than 1,000 miles of human hair so your hair will not suffer any heat damage at all.l. Dyson says they created the fastest, quietest, most hair-friendly hair dryer in existence. So will the Supersonic once you get used to the new shape and power of this cool apparatus you will love to blowdry your hair !

Beautiful Packaging / Amazing quality 

Beautiful Packaging / Amazing quality 

Dyson Blow dry air intake